Whether you have a specific problem to resolve, a deep-seated or complex emotional issue or a general sense of dissatisfaction in life for no apparent reason, counselling and psychotherapy could help you find clarity, understanding and relief, as well as a way to reach your full potential.

With this in view, one of my main concerns is to build a therapeutic relationship in an empathic, accepting and non-judgemental manner, and facilitate your exploration in a safe and confidential environment.

My core training is in Psychosynthesis: an integrative approach which is based on psychoanalytical concepts and draws upon humanistic, person-centred and cognitive behavioural types of therapy, within a transpersonal framework*.

There could be many different reasons for seeking therapy. The following list is non-exhaustive, but includes some examples:

Stress - Loss - Grief - Anger - Fears - Divorce - Separation - Anxiety - Phobias - Parenting - Bereavement - Low self-esteem - Family problems - Depression - Relationship problems - Abuse - Addiction - Sexuality - Co-dependency - Suicidal feelings - Feeling confused - Cultural/Intercultural issues - Dealing with change - Behavioural problems - Compulsive behaviour - Work related problems - Feeling trapped, blocked - Discernment and life choice - etc

* For more information about Psychosynthesis and other models, please look at the "about therapy" and "useful links" sections.

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